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About MB Home Watch

Michael Blake and Dennis Detwiller started MB Home Watch to help the homeowners in the Lighthouse Point and Boca Raton vicinity that travel away from southeastern Florida to their other residences, as well as people that are vacationing and want the peace of mind that their Florida home is looked after by a professional.

MB Home Watch’s goal is communication with the homeowner for assurance that their home does not appear to be vacant and utilities are functioning as intended when the homeowner is away.

MB Home Watch stands apart because we ARE available to cater to your needs before and after normal business hours, we take photos of items of concern, and we pride ourselves on superior service.

MB Home Watch has many years of experience building and renovating homes.

Michael Blake

Michael owned Pro Form Printing, Inc. for 31 years. Small, Medium as well as Fortune 500 accounts embraced Michael to provide fantastic Customer Service while supplying top quality products.

Michael has built his own home in New Jersey as well as renovated condos and a single-family home in Florida. Attention to detail is one of his strong points. Michael does not work on a time schedule. He does the job right regardless of how long it may take.

Michael is a proven Business Leader and has run a successful printing company for 31 years. Selling to small, medium, large and Fortune 500 accounts.

Dennis is the prototypical “hands-on” type of person. Dennis sees a problem and he immediately processes a way to find a solution.

Dennis worked with the New York Telephone company for 30 years, then became warehouse operations manager at a multi-million dollar building and supply company. He was responsible for overseeing sales, shipping, receiving, inventory, purchasing, fleet management, HR, hiring, and budgeting.

Additionally, Dennis was a custom home building project manager. He oversaw construction of custom homes ranging from 8,000 to 12,000 square feet.  He was in charge of scheduling contractors, worked with municipalities regarding permits and inspections. Dennis conducted on-site client meetings as each job progressed and ultimately obtained the Certificate of Occupancy for each completed home.

Dennis was also involved in property management as well as handy man services. Using his knowledge of building, repair work, budgeting, and inspections to complete each job within the specified time requirements as well as meeting budgetary concerns.

Dennis Detwiller

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